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Exam Dates 2018 WS

For all courses that have been held at the IHRT the last 2 years.


Wednesday, 10.10.2018, 20.00; Informatikhörsaal, Treitlstraße, Keller

Wednesday, 28.11.2018, 20.00; Informatikhörsaal, Treitlstraße, Keller

Wednesday, 23.01.2019, 20.00; Informatikhörsaal, Treitlstraße, Keller


Registration with TISS. Examination only in written form.

Please note: For all examinations during the winter term 2018:

1.    The utilization of electronical devices is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!!!

2.    It is FORBIDDEN to use other scripts than those which are given in lecture!!!

3.    Only examinatins from students which are registered by TISS will be graded.

4.    We ask you kindly to register only for an examination if you are sure that you will attend!!! There is also the possibility to deregister in time.

5.    ONLY ONE examination at one date!!!

Bachelor- und Mastertheses as well as PhD works: Please contact IHRT